Below are answers to questions that I am frequently asked:

What is the greatest influence on your writing?
The Thirteenth Tale is to be made into a BBC film. How do you feel about this?
Where did you get the idea for The Thirteenth Tale?
What about the idea for Bellman & Black? Where did that come from?
Did you always want to be an author?
How did you get published?
Do you have any top tips for budding authors?
Typewriter, word processor or pen?
Did you have any formal tuition in creative writing?
Who is your favourite author?
What is a typical writing day?
Before coming to writing you were a specialist in nineteenth century French literature. How does this background affect your writing?
Will there be a sequel to The Thirteenth Tale?
The twin theme in The Thirteenth Tale is a key part of the mystery. Are you a twin?
What are the similarities between your first two novels? And what are the differences?